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Welcome to the Shaw's Nightmare Wikia[]

Shaw's Nightmare is a Build Engine game developed by Mickey Productions. I created this wiki to spread Shaw's Nightmare information all over the world. This site uses Wikia, which allows any user to edit or create pages.

Game in series:

Shaw's Nightmare I

Shaw's Nightmare II

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About Shaw's Nightmare[]

Shaw's Nightmare is a game created by Mickey Productions. It stars Shaw, a boy who fell asleep and has a nightmare. He must face all sorts of dangers if he is to survive.

Help needed on Shaw's Nightmare wiki[]

22/12/15: We need pages on enemies and levels of Shaw's Nightmare. Any volunteers?

30/12/15: Wikia up for adoption. If you think you can be the administrator, send me a message and I will see it.


Latest activity[]

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Screencap from Shaw's Nightmare 1.